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Industrial Staple

  • Chisel Point Industrial Staple Meili is a leading chisel point industrial staple Manufacturer in China. We offer an assortment of premium-quality and durable chisel point industrial staples, including 80 chisel point industrial staples,71 chisel point industrial staples,10F chisel point industrial staples,10J chisel point industrial staples, 84 chisel point industrial staples, 88 chisel point industrial staples, STCR-5019 chisel point industrial staples, 90 chisel point industrial staples, etc.
  • Stainless Industrial Staple1. Our stainless industrial staples are specially made to work with heavy duty stapler for labeling, assembling small cardboard boxes, fastening header cards to plastic bags, etc.
    2. They come with wide staple crowns.
    3. They are in full compliance with SGS and ISO standards.
    4. With galvanized surfaces, our stainless industrial staples are of good rust and erosion resistance.

Industrial Staple

Features of Industrial Staples
1. Our industrial staples are available in different colors and specifications.
2. They are of high strength and good deformation resistance.
3. Galvanized, galvanized yellow and stainless steel industrial staples are all available.

Applications of Industrial Staples
Our industrial staples are mainly applied to cabinets, drawer assembly, picture frames, case backs, crafts, decking, fascia, sheathing, subflooring, roof decking, lathing, furring, fencing, decking, cedar shingles, furniture frames, crate and box assembly, pallets and pallet repair and vinyl siding, etc.
Apart from industrial staples, we can also provide a wide range of other fasteners like paper strip nails, chisel point staples, color chisel staples, standard staples, etc. As a professional fasteners Manufacturer in China, Meili will try its best to satisfy each customer's need.Please contact us, an ISO and SGS certified industrial staple manufacturer.

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