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Paper Strip Nail

  • F Paper Strip Nail1. Our F paper strip nail is a pin-shaped object made from 18 GA stainless steel.
    2. It is galvanized (zinc coated) for good corrosion resistance in harsh conditions.
    3. This paper strip nail is made as per SGS standard.
    4. It is available with a length ranging from 10mm to 50mm.
  • T Paper Strip Nail Meili offers a wide selection of T paper strip nails. Our T paper strip nail is a kind of brad nail used with a compatible nail gun or bradder to perform fine trim works. T paper strip nails in different lengths are available as per specific requirements...

Paper Strip Nail

Paper strip nail is a kind of brad nail. Established in 1991, Meili is a professional paper strip nail manufacture. We offer a wide assortment of brad nails such as F paper strip nails and T paper strip nails for industries like automobiles, shoes, furniture, packaging, paint brushes, sign boards, etc.

Features of Paper Strip Nail
1. Our paper strip nail is a strong fastener that is made from rigid steel wires.
2. It is zinc coated for good resistance against erosion.
3. Use with a nail gun or an air bradder, this kind of industrial fastener is helpful in fine trim works.
4. The head is specially processed to increase holding power.
5. It is of SGS and ISO standard quality.
6. It is available in various specifications: 2 major types and over 20 subtypes.

As an ISO9001:2000 certified staple and nail manufacturer, Meili is fully capable of offering reliable products for our global clients. Our 4/6 universal staple, 26/6 universal staple, No.10 chisel point staple, 23 universal standard staple, STCR2115 color chisel staple, 80 chisel point industrial staple,71 stainless industrial staple and more products have been awarded with SGS certificates.
Our commitment to quality and timely delivery has earned us a good reputation among our customers. As a result, our universal staples, industrial staples, paper strip nails are increasingly demanded in the global markets, especially in countries like USA, France, Indonesia, Germany, UAE, Brazil, Argentina, etc. At Meili, we are looking forward to a chance to work with you!

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