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About Meili
Meili was established in 1991, as a professional staple and nail Manufacturer in China. We are engaged in the research and manufacture of universal staples, industrial staples, and paper-strip nails. With nearly two decades of experience, Meili is capable of a large production capacity. Our monthly production of nails and staples has reached 60 tons.
We are located in Shaoxing city, where we enjoy convenient transportation by land, sea, and air. As a result, we can ship our products at reduced costs to our customers. At Meili, we also manufacture customized staples and nails, and we provide OEM services upon request.

Meili products fall into three major categories. They are: universal staples, industrial staples, and paper-strip nails. Our universal staples include the chisel-point staple, standard staple, and color-chisel staple; our industrial staples can be further divided into: chisel-point industrial staples and stainless industrial staples; our paper-strip nails are available in F-paper-strip-nail and T-paper-strip-nail types. These nails and staples are used in offices or other applications like upholstering, wood paneling, crating, and more.

Our nails and staples are made using single- or multiple-rigid steel wires. They are zinc-coated for resistance against rust and erosion. With SGS and ISO9001 certificates, our mini-staples, heavy-duty staples, and rustproof staples are an environmentally friendly solution for you.

Meili has developed a new white staple. This white staple is nationally patented and can replace most traditional staples. Please contact us for further information.

Quality and Cost Control
In order to provide high-quality universal staples, industrial staples, and paper-strip nails to our customers, we have implemented a quality assurance department for every production detail of our products. In addition, we spare no effort in carrying out strict inspections of every step of production, ensuring that our products are free from excessive hazardous substances like lead, cadmium or mercury, and that they meet our quality expectations. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our adherence to ISO9001:2000 standards.

To lower costs, we've introduced a highly-efficient, mass-production line for our staples and nails. Our long-term partnerships with our material suppliers and shipping company further reduces our costs, and the cost to our clients to ship their purchases.

Meili's Market
Meili offers chisel-point staples, standard staples, color-chisel staples, chisel-point industrial staples, and stainless industrial staples which have a high compatibility with many staplers, or tackers, and nail guns. This has made them extremely popular among our clients. In fact, our staples and nails are exported to many countries and regions like the USA, Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Germany, UAE, South Africa, etc.

At Meili, we sincerely welcome staple and nail manufacturers and purchasers to visit our facility. Feel free to contact us for any information.

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