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  • F Paper Strip Nail1. Our F paper strip nail is a pin-shaped object made from 18 GA stainless steel.
    2. It is galvanized (zinc coated) for good corrosion resistance in harsh conditions.
    3. This paper strip nail is made as per SGS standard.
    4. It is available with a length ranging from 10mm to 50mm.
  • T Paper Strip Nail Meili offers a wide selection of T paper strip nails. Our T paper strip nail is a kind of brad nail used with a compatible nail gun or bradder to perform fine trim works. T paper strip nails in different lengths are available as per specific requirements...

A nail is a pin-shaped fastener that is widely used in automobiles, decorations, bikes, furniture, electrical appliance, and more applications. According to different shapes and usages, nails fall into several categories like chain riveting, twist nails, floor nail, and more.

Meili is a China nail manufacturer. Established in 1991, we have been engaging in the manufacture of universal staples, industrial staples, paper strip nails and more. Our nails come in a great variety, including F paper strip nail and T paper strip nail. With reliable performance, our environment friendly nails are SGS certified. Located in Shaoxing city, a city with convenient transportation facilities, we are able to ship our nails at reduced costs. As a result of the high quality and low prices of our nails, they are exported to many countries like USA, Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Germany, UAE, South Africa, etc. At Meili, we can also produce customized paper strip nails upon request. Please feel free to contact us for you nail needs!

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