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Meili was established in 1991 and is a professional staple and nail manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a complete range of universal staples, industrial staples, and paper strip nails. These staples and nails could also be subdivided into chisel point staples, standard staples, color chisel staples, chisel point industrial staples, stainless industrial staples, F paper strip nails and T paper strip nails. Typically made from single or multiple galvanized steel, these products can be used with compatible staplers and nail guns for binding paper sheets and industrial materials.

At Meili, we take user's safety and the environment into full consideration. All our fasteners are manufactured according to Euro SGS and ISO9001 standards. They are durable, environment friendly and safe to use. As a result, our staples and nails are exported to many countries and regions all around the world, especially for USA, Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Germany, UAE, South Africa, etc. You can count on us, an experienced manufacturer with about 20 years of experience, to offer you the ideal staples or nails you are looking for!